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For Hire  

Our 6 inch wood chipper will soon make light work of your unwanted branches and garden waste. Converting it to usable chippings for establishing paths, suppressing weeds and creating raised beds or we can remove from site.

Our charges are:

£35 per hour  £250 per 8 hour day


We also have a small 3 inch portable wood chipper for hire which is available for you to pick up or we can bring it to your door.

The chipper comes with a full tank of fuel, pair of safety glasses, ear defenders and pair of gloves. 

also a quick run through of how the machine works, our charges are £55 a day from 9am - 5pm.

note this chipper does not require a qualified operator, we work this on a drop off and pick up basis.

Ride on lawn mower

Ideal for large gardens, paddocks, verges also fitted with a roller and grass box ideal for sport fields.

we charge this mower at £35 per hour with an operator.